Other Styles

Blues Dance

Thursday - 8pm Intermediates
9pm Beginners
10pm Practice session
$8 for class, $3 for the practice session

Blues dancing is, at it's simplest, partner dancing to blues music. Like the music, it has some structure but is highly improvisational within that structure. It is also danced to jazz that has blues elements. It is characterized by grounded movement and a lead-follow dynamic that echoes the lag, or pocket, found in blues music.

Laney Barhaugh, Damon Stone, Eryn O'Neil and Nick Burt are the primary instructors for The Blues Mill at Four Seasons every Thursday.


Wednesday - 7pm Beginners
8pm Improvers
$15/class or $80/8, cash only

Kizomba is is a sensually smooth partner dance that originates from Angola. This slow and rhythmic dance reveals African movement with on occasion, tango-influenced patterns. The styles and music of this dance are diverse; traditional kizomba music, ghetto zouk, as well as RnB remixes provide a variety of ways to interpret how one will dance Kizomba. Kizomba has spread quickly throughout Europe and is just beginning to gain interest here in the U.S., including Minneapolis.

Kaija Freborg, Long Chan, and Eda Marshall teach Kizomba on Wednesdays at Four Seasons.